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Metaltis in the news

donderdag 20 september 2018 in Algemeen nieuws

You’re probably doing something right when a journalist reaches out to you to ask for an interview. That’s exactly what happened recently at Metaltis. They say that rumors fly, but at Metaltis we like to believe that a good word spreads even faster.

Joris Hendrickx from de Standaard reached out to us last month to ask about our thoughts and advice concerning cargo transport, especially on how tie-downs play a crucial role in safely delivering any sort of cargo to its destination, wherever that might be.

At Metaltis we take great pride in keeping up with all the latest developments in the industry, so we were particularly happy to share that knowledge. Just last month our whole team participated in a half-day seminar on the same subject right here in our Training Centre in Hamme, under the knowledgable guidance of Geert Frans from GC-Advice, an expert for safety training. But more on that in another blog post!

When it comes to adequately securing your cargo, a lot comes down to careful calculations and physics, as the CEO of Metaltis, Filip Vercauteren, explains.

“No two cargos are alike. A combination of weight, height, surface and transport mode, amongst other things, will define the best way of securing it and the ideal way of getting it safely from A to B. At Metaltis we offer more than just the products to tie down. We also offer our clients the expertise and knowledge for any question they may have in this regard. Many of our clients send us a description of their project and they count on us to give them the right calculations. A service we deliver with pleasure. Consider it our little contribution to making this world a safer and better place.”